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East Surrey - Peer Support

Want someone to talk to?

If you are living with or affected by HIV, there may be times when you want to talk to other people with similar experiences to you.

Support from peers can help you with your health and wellbeing. We run day and evening groups where you can meet others living with HIV, share information and ideas for living well, and have a chat and some fun! As well as relaxed drop-ins, activities include:

Why peer support?

Peer support is when people with similar experiences support one another to learn and grow. At St Peters House we believe that through sharing and support people can live well and enjoy life.

Peer support is widely recognised as helping to improve people’s health and emotional wellbeing. People living with HIV value peer support for the benefit is gives in managing physical, emotional and social well-being by addressing isolation, challenging perceptions of stigma, developing support networks and helping navigate the complexities of living with HIV.

At St Peters House, we work to the National Standards for Peer Support in HIV.